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25th June 2011

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30 Days of New Who Day 5- Favorite Guest Star

I’m almost positive that no one will recognize her name (heck I didnt even know it until I googled the character)

My favorite guest star is Sophie Okenedo

She played Liz 10 in “The Beast Below”

I love her for so so many reasons:

  1. She is half Nigerian (Nigerians FTW!!)
  2. She is gorgeous
  3. She was the wife in Hotel Rwanda probably one of the most moving movies i have ever seen, especially about the Rwandan genocide. I would definitely recommend that movie to anyone.
  4. Liz 10 was a really cool character, very intriguing, smart, complex and believable. Slowing her body clock and effectively living the same 10 years again and again in order to forget what she had done was a really cool back story/characterization tool. I think she was a good example of what a one-off character should be, because she carried the episode well without me ever feeling like we needed to see her again. (not counting her cameo in “The Pandorica Opens”)
  5. I couldnt get over the fact that the Queen of England, sometime in the future, was black I mean wow. How the times have changed eh?

"I’m the bloody Queen mate, basically I rule"

So yeah Sophie Okenedo FTW!

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